Working to Thwart the 6th extinction by Supporting the Green Movement.

The Edward Abbey Foundation Endowment

Many of those shaped by Abbey's work went on to become writers, professors and public intellectuals themselves. The Edward Abbey Foundation Endowment will support these changemakers as they spread Abbey's ideas to new platforms and audiences.

The Edward Abbey Foundation is dedicated to advancing the values and philosophy that motivated Ed Abbey's work for much of his life. Ed's tireless and dedicated commitment to environmental issues, and his advocacy for the preservation of the wilderness areas of the southwest, as well as those throughout the United States, has given rise to the foundation's goal of ensuring the continuation and preservation of Ed's work for future generations.

Ed believed that mankind's soul and well being fed upon, and in fact requires for its own preservation, communion with nature in an unspoiled setting. In the later part of Ed's life, after becoming a professor at the University of Arizona, he realized that, despite the breadth of his own extensive writing and teaching, young minds of future generations were the keys to carrying on the work that he had started.

Accordingly, the Edward Abbey Foundation will be dedicated to seating professors in chairs of environmental departments across our world, to teach the youth of the day to be responsible green thinking global citizens and to ensure the continuation down the path of environmental protection and advocacy. This is an awesome challenge and responsibility, and we are dedicating our lives to this endeavor.