Working to thwart the 6th extinction by supporting the green movement.

About Us

Why We're Here

 We are celebrating the fiftieth year anniversary of Edward Abbey’s book, “Desert Solitaire” by going public with our website/donor mechanism. We think of Abbey as one of the fathers of the green movement and the candidates for our endowment program share this belief. Supporting us is supporting the green movement and Abbey’s voice.

Edward Paul Abbey writes on a notepad in front of a cliff face.

Endowment Program

 Our first endowment program candidate is professor Tom Zoellner, who we met at the panel, ”The Life of Edward Abbey and His Legacy”. The panel consisted of three professors who had recently written books about Abbey. Their common theme was that even though Abbey lived and died in the 20th century, he is more relevant now in the 21st century. 

Green Institute

  We will have full content production facilities and distribution over the internet with our YouTube channel and indoor and outdoor theaters. We will host a green documentary film festival annually. The institute will display the wares of green businesses and green organizations. These people are the green movement, cooperating with each other to do the best they can with what they have to thwart the sixth extinction.  

Donate Now

Support the Edward Paul Abbey Foundation Green Institute of America and our endowmment program. Any donation helps the cause, and donating more than $100 allows you to put your name on a desert tortoise bench at the Intitute. Or, sponsor an entire bench for $1000.

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