Working to Thwart the 6th extinction by Supporting the Green Movement.

The Green Institute of America

Edward Abbey inspired countless people to connect with nature, and challenged society to preserve, rather than exploit, the natural world. The Green Institute of America will be a headquarters for those carrying on Abbey's vision, built in harmony with the desert he loved.

Sustainable architecture


Inspired by the desert tortoise, the Green Institute of America will be the heart of the Green Movement. Utilizing passive cooling and built with sustainable techniques like rammed earth, the Institute will be a home for entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers that embodies the values of its occupants.

The headquarters of the Green Movement


With an auditorium, office spaces for Green organizations, full content production facilities, and more, the Green Institute will be a nexus of positive change.

Desert setting


Edward Abbey loved the Sonoran desert. The Green Institute will live where Abbey lived, and offer convenient access to beautiful nature walks and mountain hikes.